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A New WhatsApp Ticketing Bot

Intuitive Bot in the Aviation Industry,

“Precision Air”, Launches Bwana Swala,

a New WhatsApp Ticketing Bot

Passengers can now enjoy convenience, hassle- and stress-free experiences from Precision Air directly via Bwana Swala.

Dar es Salaam, Aug. 31, 2023/PR/--Precision Air, a leading airline in Africa has achieved yet another milestone in the aviation industry by becoming the first airline on the continent to introduce WhatsApp Ticketing services. This revolutionary step not only simplifies the ticketing process for passengers but also enhances the overall travel experience and digital innovation.

In today’s fast-paced world, where communication is streamlined through instant messaging apps, Precision Air has taken a bold step towards enhancing the passenger experience. By integrating ticketing services with WhatsApp, the airline aims to simplify the booking process and offer unparalleled convenience to its customers across the continent.


Modernizing the Way, We Travel

In a move that underlines Precision Air’s commitment to innovation and customer convenience, the airline has harnessed the power of WhatsApp to enable passengers to seamlessly book their flights and manage their travel plans. This user-friendly approach aligns with the airline’s vision of making travel more accessible and hassle-free for its customers.


Effortless Booking and Beyond

WhatsApp ticketing with Precision Air allows travellers to effortlessly browse flight options, choose seats and purchase tickets directly through the messaging app. Beyond just booking, passengers can also manage their bookings, have access to Precision Air’s 24*7 Helpdesk and even get knowledge about the airline. This novel initiative transforms the way passengers engage with their travel journey from start to finish.


“Today is a very special day for us, and for the entire aviation sector in Tanzania, where we are witnessing a revolution in the provision of air transport services in the country. This is for the first time in Tanzania, Africa and is one of the few organizations in the world that provide this service.This service allows the passenger to book a ticket like chatting with his friend, we have named it Mr. Swala,” said [Patrick Mwanri], [CEO and Managing Director] at Precision Air. “WhatsApp ticketing not only aligns with modern communication preferences but also redefines how air travel is planned and booked.”


Simple Steps for Seamless Travel

Passengers eager to experience the ease of WhatsApp ticketing need only save Precision Air’s official WhatsApp number, [+255 620 888888], to their contacts. They can then initiate a conversation, explore available flights and make their selections all within the familiar WhatsApp interface. The airline’s responsive customer support team is also available to address any queries or concerns throughout the process.

About Precision Air

Precision Air was established in 1993, as a private charter air transport company providing connections to tourists visiting various natural attractions of the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater in northern Tanzania, the Zanzibar Island in the Indian Ocean and other parts of the country from Arusha town as its base.

As any business growth is key, we were able to grow in consuming various fleets to offer services such as the Cessna 402,  Cessna 404s and finally introduces the bigger and comfortable ATR fleets.








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