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For the Expectant mother’s refer to the chart below:

Guideline on acceptance of expectant mothers

Category Duration of pregnancy Acceptance for Travel

Single pregnancy, Normal health, No complications

Up to 24 weeks


ACCEPTED, Medical clearance not required

24 – 34 weeks

Accepted, Medical clearance required.

After 34 weeks

Not accepted

Multiple pregnancy, normal health, No complications

Up to 22 weeks

ACCEPTED, Medical clearance not required

22 – 32 weeks

Accepted, Medical clearance required.

After 32 weeks

Not Accepted

Pregnancy with complications

Up to 22 weeks

Medical clearance required.

MEDIF to be issued within 7 days before commencement of travel.

Escort if/as required by Medical Clearance

After 22 weeks

Not accepted

New Mothers

Within 7 days after birth

NOT RECOMMENDED Medical clearance required.



1. All pregnant women beyond 22 weeks of gestation must provide a letter from their Gynecologist/GP or Midwife stating: 

  • The gestation of the pregnancy in weeks, 
  • Whether it’s a single, multiple or high risk pregnancy, 
  • Any associated complications and other relevant information. 


  1. Your Doctor’s /Midwifes letter will not serve as a clearance certificate,but will only guide PW team in determining your fitness to fly.
  2. Note that you will be required to seek medical clearance for your return journey if you experience any medical complications during your travel. 
  3. Your return journey must be within the 32 and 34week limit;otherwise you will not be accepted 
  4. We recommend that you ensure your health with travel insurance cover that includes pregnancy-related problems while travelling abroad. 


For further inquiry you may contact the nearest Precision Air office, your travel consultant or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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