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Earning Points

Members will earn points on every flight they make on Precision Air; the points earned will vary based on the route/sector travelled and/or the booking class.

Members accumulate these points through flying with Precision Air. Members earn points in accordance with the amount of fare paid. 

Types of points earned:

  1. Award points: By accumulating award points members are entitled to spend these points on redeeming award tickets, and spending at partner companies. These points do not expire as long as the member flies at least once within 24 months.
  2. Tier points: By accumulating points, members will be able to move from one tier to another; hence tier points are what determine the members’ tier (card status). These points expire in 2 years, and the member begins after 2 years with the status level (tier) from last year but with zero tier points. If in the new tier term, the member does not maintain his/her tier points he/she will be downgraded to the tier achieved previously.

Retro Transactions

In order to earn points the member is supposed to show/quote his/her card number to both the sales agent and at the check-in counter (or when booking online, just log-in to Paa Royal Member Pages before booking). If a member forgets to do this he/she would call Precision Air call center where they help him/her get his/her points deserved.

Retro Period Validation

The Retro Period has been defined on a 6 month basis. This implies that any flights within 6 months may claim a retro transaction. Members can also access their accounts online to claim missing points.

Claiming Missing Miles

In case you have travelled and forgotten to show your membership number or if for any reasons your points are missing in your account, you can go online and you can log in to your Paa Royal account to claim your missing points, follow below steps

Go to,

Then go to

  • paa royal
  • Manage my account
  • Paa royal login
  • Missing points
  • Put flight date (date of travel)
  • Select one :( ticket number of booking ref Number)
  • Search
  • Your points will be added.


Paa royal Family Account (NEW)

With the Precision Air paa royal family account, members get to earn faster rewards. This is achieved by pooling all earned points of nominated members under one family member called family head. Family accounts maybe be a part of a larger group including extended family and a group of friends. Also children below 18 years may also participate. Members can join the family account by sending copies of ID (birth certificate for minors) to paa royal email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Collecting Paa Royal Points (Accruals)

1. Point Accrual Rules :

Precision Airlines Frequent Flyer Program, Paa Royal FFP uses revenue based system for point accrual. The criteria for earning Paa Royal Points are
Members earn 4 Paa Royal Points (both Tier points & Award points for each 1000 shillings spent.

2. Paa Royal Member Tier Levels :

Paa Royal has 4 Card Tiers (levels).

Jade : All members at their first enrollment start at Jade level. There is no minimum point requirement for Jade level.
Silver : Jade Members collecting to reach 40.000 Paa Royal Points within 2 years will be upgraded to Silver Level and enjoy even more benefits on partner spending.
Gold : All Silver or Jade Members who reach 60.000 Paa Royal Points within 2 years, will be upgraded to Gold Level and enjoy even more benefits on partner spending.
Tanzanite : All Member levels who reach to 80.000 Paa Royal Points within 2 years, will be upgraded to the highest tier , the Tanzanite Leveland enjoy even more benefits on partner spending and other surprises.


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