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Redeem Points

You can use the points in your Paa Royal Account to get free (Award) tickets to various destinations on Precision Air Network for yourself, family and friends. To apply for redemption please log in to your Paa Royal account or book through website and make the flight search to follow regular booking steps.

  • Open your booking on our website by inserting pnr and Surname on MY BOOKING
  • Click Buy
  • Continue
  • Click I want to use my paa royal points for this booking
  • Insert Phone number and password
  • Login

If enough points are available, you will be able to redeem, you can then easily continue with redemption and ticket will be issued.


If points are insufficient , you can combine cash with points by selecting credit card/ debit card option and automatically balance will be offset on the credit card and tickets will be issued automatically as well.

Spending Paa Royal Points to get Precision Airlines Award Tickets (Redemption)

Award ticket prices are based on your origin-destinations and dates. To determine how many miles may be needed for award travel, simply refer to date of booking and fare value of ticket at the time of booking.


Spending Paa Royal Points to get extra baggage

You can redeem your points by buying excess baggage, per every kilo you will be deducated 600 points


Paa Royal points partner spending

When customers show their Silver, Gold and Tanzanite Paa Royal cards at one of our partners they are allowed discounts of up to 20%. Once the transactions has been completed, the discounts awarded will be converted to points by multiplying by 0.06 and deducted from customers Paa royal account.


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