PAA Royal

Reedem Points

You can use the points in your Paa Royal Account to get free (Award) tickets to various destinations on Precision Air Network. You will be required to pay all the necessary taxes before your ticket is issued. To apply for redemption please log in to you Paa Royal account and make the flight search to follow regular booking steps.

At the last step of booking, you will find \"Pay with Paa Royal Points\" among payment options. As you choose that option, you will be exhibited the Paa Royal Points necessary and your Paa Royal Points balance. You have enough points to redeem, you can then easily continue with redemption to next step. Getting an Award Ticket with your Paa Royal Points is as easy as it gets

Spending Paa Royal Points to get Precision Airlines Award Tickets(Redemption)

Award ticket prices are based on your origin-destinations and dates. To determine how many miles may be needed for award travel, simply refer to date of booking and fare value of ticket at the time of booking. Please read the information below.
Factors effecting amount of Paa Royal Points needed to get a Precision Airlines award ticket :

When do you travel?

The date of booking : As a rule of thumb, one can get a lower fare on airline ticket purchases if booked in advance. For instance, if a passenger books Precision Air tickets a month in advance, most probably will get a lower rate than booking the same ticket 2 days before

Where do you travel?

Origins-destinations of travel : Usually distance to fly determines the ticket fare and thus the Paa Royal Points needed are based on the distance between origin and destination of travel.

For 1000 TZS cost :

All Members redemption points needed: 6 Paa Royal Points

Same conditions apply to your Paa Royal award ticket purchase. As a Paa Royal Member, once logged in to your Paa Royal Member pages, simply make your flight search. Depending on dates and travel origins-destinations, if the fare value of your ticket is low then Paa Royal Points needed to get this award ticket will be low, if the ticket fare is higher points needed for redemption would be higher.

*** A Paa Royal Member must pay attention that rules at Paa Royal Points are dynamic. A Gold Member purchasing approx. 30 Flex fare group ticket can reach to a Promo group ticket as Award (Free) Ticket! Similarly, a Tanzanite Member flying only approx. 5 times on Extra Flex can reach to a free Promo ticket!